I had a long-ish conversation the other night with photographer, Alli Coates, and we were talking about her style and why she does things the way that she does, and she was telling me that she shoots digital but puts everything in black and white because it gives the photo a more timeless feel to it; like it could have been taken anywhere at anytime, like it’s something that could have just happened or happened a long time ago. 

I like that. It makes me want to play around with that. I usually like to take photos of things with bright colors and really play up the colors, but that might be letting the colors dictate the photo as opposed to the content. And in a way it relates to what Jeff always tells me, which is “it doesn’t matter what you photograph, as long as you use the materials in the right way.” Shooting things in black and white (or not letting the color control the photo) strips away anything that can save a horrible photo and make it something sub par, and leaves it with it’s natural beauty. 

I think I’m going to run with this and see how it works for me.